Since the air conditioning duct The machine is both worthwhile and has the expected effect of a home central air conditioner. Is this something you have been interested in? Don't worry, let me finish: the air conditioning duct machine uses a fixed frequency air conditioning professional, which is based on the temperature of the electric air valve. Control will give everyone the illusion that the refrigeration unit stops running. In fact, the refrigeration unit does not actually stop, so the power consumption of the air conditioning duct is very large. As mentioned above, the air conditioning duct is one for one. The method, in simple terms, is to install as much air conditioner internal unit as you can, as much as possible, so that it will hurt the unique level of the outdoor, and the wind tube type is very noisy during operation, very hurt Experience. Therefore, Guangtian Comfort Home recommends that customers who are allowed by social and economic development install home central air conditioning, which has a higher quality of comfort, food, clothing and housing.


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